Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Handmade Birthday

My Baby who just turned 2 loves carrying around her dolls so i made her a little carrier for her birthday. When I was initially planning this I wanted it to look old fashioned and had planned on using a black or navy ticking fabric for the outside. I thought my local JoAnn's carried it but when i went to go buy it, no, they only had red. So I ended up with this black gingham home decor fabric. The small rose print is a Lakehouse print.

Her two older sisters each have a bla bla doll and those dolls get so much love from all the girls so Baby received one of her own for her birthday.
The eyelet and handle straps were a stark white so I gave them a little tea soak to take a bit of the starkness away. I used a red raspberry tea which gave the eyelet a slight tinge of pink-brown.
This is mid construction. I interfaced the bottom and sides for sturdiness. There are 3 sections of boning in the hood and around the top edge of the carrier. The hood seemed to add a lot of weight and kind of makes the front section sink a bit. My 3 year old wants a carrier, too, so I think I might make hers without the hood. I can't decide as the hood does add a bit of charm. 

The inside is lined with a toile print by Oliver + S. I didn't have enough so the bottom inside is lined with anotherHolly Holderman for Lakehouse print.
The Lakehouse print is covered up with a "mattress" so  the dolls are comfy cozy. I do want to make a little pillow and doll quilt to go in the carrier.

A detail shot of the trim.

This project took longer than I thought it would mostly due to the boning but it was fun to sew up and I will be making another one.
I have missed doing paper crafting so this next project was a very fun one!! I bought the "paper dolls" from Olliebird and think they are such cute illustrations. Both of my little girls love to play with blocks so these were right up their alley.

Even the twins, who are 8, fell completely in love with these blocks. It is fun to mix and match the faces, legs, and bodies. I think the fox was voted everyone's favorite. I used 2" wood blocks and covered 3 sides of the blocks. The twins want to punch out some shapes and colors to adhere to the blank ends. It was simple to Modge Podge the characters on. As the website recommended I had the prints professionally printed and the paper has a super soft almost suede-loke feeling. I did not Modge Podge the top layer but if they start showing any signs of wear I will layer on the glue. 
It was a fun party day and the birthday girl loved all her presents. I think her favorite part was when everyone sang her "Happy Birthday!! We started singing it to her a couple or maybe even 3 days before her birthday and it never got old...she lit up and smiled every time the song was sung. 


  1. That is the cutest doll carrier i've ever seen!
    And the blocks! They look awesome! I've been wanting to make them for the boys, just haven't got around to it...

  2. Gina, you made a great job!! Little carrier is so nice!!! And wooden blocks... super idea!

    Your little one is like a princess - so nice birthday dress :)

    Have a lovely time, Jola

  3. Oh my...this is absolutely stunning! I would've never thought to put boning in the hood...to be honest, I doubt I could make a baby carrier at all. Did you use a pattern? I love all the details..the great thing is her grand kids will still be able to play with it one day. I love making toys, the kids love them and they seem to last forever.

  4. Gina, the carrier is amazing! Did you make that without a pattern? It's so good. I love the hood, everything! Also the birthday girl sounds like a lot of fun :)

  5. oh, what a sweet gift to make for you daughter. I love the photo of her in her blue party dress. so cute.
    thanks for coming by my blog during the bird blog hop. I appreciate your kind comments about my pillow. I really had fun making this one. We have robins and finches too. I love goldfinches. Good luck in my giveaway. Maybe our emails will cross saying we won each others giveaway. I enter you sew mama one too.

  6. happy birthday to the 2 yr old! everything you made is adorable!!

  7. Oh the carrier turned out beautifully! Well done - especially with adding the boning - that's impressive!

    Love the birthday pic - so glad Little Miss had a wonderful day!